Shop at Ikea for hotdogs, Bluethumb for Art

Many of us turn to Ikea for cheap solutions to furnishing our homes, searching for decorative pieces while scoffing a $1 hotdog laden with mustard.

At Bluethumb, we’ve got your walls covered. Instead of buying mass-produced Ikea art for $150 a pop why not buy original, hand-crafted Australian art direct from the artist? (Nothing wrong with the hotdogs, mind.)

Bluethumb prides itself on unearthing talented Australian artists, with original artwork starting from under $100 delivered to your door. If you’re on a budget, there are scores of great contemporary paintings for less than $250 in just about every genre, including abstract art, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, pop art and more.

Aside from the fact that all Bluethumb paintings are unique – sparing you potentially awkward moments when you realise that someone you know shares the same artwork as you – the art you display in your home or office or give as a gift is a true reflection of your taste. There is a unique bond between artist and collector, which mirrors elements of each other’s personality.
It’s easy to find art you love on Bluethumb. You can search all art for under $250, or if you still need help starting out then take a look at Zach Wong’s intriguing door series, Ruby Jackson’s snapshots of people and café culture, or Rex Woodmore’s paintings from all over Australia.

And did we mention that starting from 7 November 2012, all prices include delivery to your door anywhere in Australia? So when it comes to buying art there’s no need to conform to shopping in an endless maze, negotiating crowds, cashiers, prams and parking lots. Now, if only we could work out how to ship $1 hotdogs…

Welcome to the new Bluethumb

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