Get lost somewhere beautiful. Installation Art.

Installation art is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. As more people head to festivals and outdoor events, more installation art is being created and appreciated. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they engage all senses, and some even allow the visitor some control!  We’ve pulled together 3 famous installations that we think are amazing. Check them out below 🙂

The Great Nature:

‘The Great Nature’ is a 7 million light installation in Japan’s Nabana no Sato botanical garden on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana. The installation beckons visitors through a light-lit tunnel, where every tiny LED is enclosed into a botanically inspired light bulb. With the theme of this year’s project being “The Great Nature”, the gardens offer such installations as rainbows, auroras borealis and even a sunrise by the Mt. Fuji.


Photo Credit: Team Yellow


Photo Credit: Team Yellow

Hypnotic Rainbow:

New York-based German artist Markus Linnenbrink created a magical installation which engulfs visitors in a disorienting colourful pattern. This rainbow room is made of bold colours and acrylic paint covered in epoxy resin. This truly unique piece and experience is named: “WASSERSCHEIDE(DESIREALLPUTTOGETHER)”.


Photo Credit: Beautiful Decay


Photo Credit: Beautiful Decay

Rain Room:

Random International’s amazing environment Rain Room first came to life in Barbican, London. The installation is a room of falling water that stops wherever a human body is detected. Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain. Creators ‘Random International are known for their approach to contemporary digital practice. Their experimental projects come alive through audience interaction—and Rain Room is their largest and most ambitious to date.


Photo Credit: Random International


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