Interview with Donna Munro

Donna Munro has called the Sunshine Coast home for the past 22 years.  A self-taught artist, she developed her skills by attending classes for 6 years with local award winning artist Victoria Fitzpatrick. She further developed her skills by completing a variety of other workshops and online art courses. Donna’s work is bright and vibrant, her choice of medium being acrylic paint and mixed media. She has completed a variety of commissions over the past few years, and her work is collected by art lovers internationally. This week Donna answers bluethumb’s questions 🙂


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What makes you want to create art/what inspires you?

I am inspired by the beauty of nature, and also by other creative people and the wonderful things they create. I am inspired every day by things I see from my verandah, or while I am out and about. Colours are a big inspiration to me. I love bold and bright colours. Whether I am admiring flowers and birds, or shopping for clothes, or home décor. I always notice beautiful colours, and interesting colour combinations.

We love your painting that appears on your site called ‘Stand By Me’, is it finished? Can we see a pic? 🙂

I have attached a picture of the finished piece. It is hanging in my lounge room and I am rather attached to it! It goes nicely with my red lounge suite, and purple mat and multi colours pouffes.

Stand by me 2

Stand by me

Do you like to take on commission work, or mainly paint what you like/feel at the time?

I prefer to paint what I feel like at the time. I find commissions a bit stressful, but they are great to stretch yourself as an artist and can give you the chance to create something a bit different. It’s a bit hard to relax when doing commissions as looming in the background is the thought….”I hope they like this”. However it is great to have a definite sale, and when the recipient is thrilled with their piece it makes it all worth it.

What are 3 pieces of art from any artists that have an influence on you and your work?

Night Guardian by Monika Welsh….this piece inspires me to embrace my quirkiness, and dare’s me to to be different. In the garden by Annie Lockhart….the beautiful looseness in Annie’s work inspires me to loosen up. Sometimes I get carried away with detail, but I really love the looseness of this piece. ‘Many Henny Much’ by Jane Donaldson encourages me to be fearless and let myself get lost in my imagination. It shows me that it’s ok to be use a little crazy with creativity, and think outside the box.

Do you collect art, if so what’s your favourite piece? can you show us?

I collect my own art! The walls in our house are covered with it!

A w.i.p shot of 'Lady In Pastels'

A w.i.p shot of ‘Lady In Pastels’

Who is your favourite Australian Artist and why?
Jane Donaldson, I love her use of colour and her quirky playful style. I find the characters she creates fascinating. Her obvious abandonment of rules is refreshing.

Donna's Verandah Studio

Donna’s Verandah Studio

Keep up to date with Donna’s inspiration and work here:

3D Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

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