Keep Your Art on Point With This Year’s Hottest Trends

Last week, we took a stroll through Denfair 2017, Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design and art. Everywhere we looked we found new inspiration for stunning interior design, but there were a few trends that kept jumping out to us. Here are a few ideas we picked up and some thoughts about how to style them with artwork.

1. Midnight Blue and Emerald Green Are So in Right Now

That’s right – at the moment it’s all about rich, velvety blues and greens. Trust us, they were everywhere throughout Denfair. With such an aura of glamour and luxury, it was easy to see why. One stall that particularly jumped out to us was furniture retailer Domo, whose stunning display managed to incorporate almost every iteration of midnight blue without being cloying. John from Domo told us, “I call it a Queen Elizabeth sapphire blue. It’s got that real gem finish to it – this shade is so in right now. Greens too – strong greens without going into forest shades.”

Blue bedroom suite

Suite dreams! There’s no such thing as ‘too much blue’ for furniture retailer Domo.

This trend is all about opulence and depth of colour, so a feature artwork makes a fantastic crowning jewel. The statement piece below by Haruyo Morita is both on-trend and timeless. It would beautifully tie together velvety textures in a similar colour scheme, such as those showcased by Domo at Denfair.

2. As Are Blush Pinks

Right alongside jewel blues and greens was blush pink, or the infamous ‘millennial pink’, which was equally ubiquitous throughout the showroom. Véronique Hyland of The Cut describes the colour as “ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness. It’s a non-color that doesn’t commit, whose semi-ugliness is proof of its sophistication”, and links it to the world’s current feminist standpoint. “We’re in a moment of ambivalent girliness — a moment in which we celebrate, say, Hillary cracking the glass ceiling but can’t quite get into the human embodiment of magenta, Katy Perry.” Hmm, interesting. Either way, the soft, subtle colour works beautifully in interiors!


Baby blue-greys were popular too! This duo was spotted amidst a number of pastel delights from furniture retailer Kettal.

Of course, blush pink on every surface of the room might be a little overwhelming. If you’re not ready to invest in a pink sofa (as cool as it looks in the feminine living space below), why not compliment some smaller accessories, such as cushions or tableware, with a stunning feature artwork? It’s fun, on trend and art can be easily moved around if millennial pink is no longer ‘in’ a few years down the track!

3. Midcentury Modern Never Goes Out of Style

While most pieces on show at Denfair were recent creations, there was a high frequency of clean lines, elegant curves and organic shapes – it’s hard to deny the influence of midcentury modern furniture. In fact, we caught up with De Mobler, retailers of authentic midcentury modern chairs. Their design consultant, Paris Wells, told us “These pieces were designed in 1959 and they still look absolutely amazing. This is midcentury stuff and it still absolutely retains its aesthetic value. And actually, while you see colours come and go, I think that wooden furniture shouldn’t trend.” Looking at the display of functional, elegant and timeless chairs, we have to agree!

These timeless chairs from De Mobler are all from the 50s or 60s.

Furniture display

We couldn’t help but see a little influence of the midcentury movement in this display by furniture retailer Fred International, with its cool elegance and geometric shapes.

Midcentury modern furniture boasts a sense of sophistication and simplicity – it lends itself well to cool Scandinavian accents, but also offers a wonderful backdrop for fun, nostalgic images, such as the photorealistic depiction of classic, wooden Scrabble tiles by Anne-Marie Zanetti below.

The Game by Anne-Marie Zanetti

4. Hygge Really Is a Way of Life

No prizes for this one! The Danish powerhouse trend has been around for a while now, but there were countless examples of its essential ethos at Denfair – that is, cosiness, conviviality and contentment. Winter is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, and right now the trendiest way to capture Hygge is with plenty of soft, natural textures that create an atmosphere of easy, rustic comfort.

Animal hide

Hides of Excellence take otherwise wasted meat-industry by-products and turn them into pure Hygge goodness.



Rustic tent

Cozy up to Pony Rider and their beautiful rustic textures.

Take advantage of the walls to comprehensively Hygge-fy your space – the woolly ram below is softened by flecks of brown through his coat, and stands as a reminder of the wildness beyond your door!

Hygge lounge room

Feel extra safe and warm with Ovis Aries Racka by Jess Le Clerc

5. You Can Go Your Own Way

For all the trendy pieces that we saw at Denfair, the best thing about the show was really the innovation – every single item was beautiful or interesting in its own right. Fleur from Stem & Stamen creates stunning decor come art pieces with preserved botanics, while Stephanie from Stephanie Design brings lighting and knit together with beautiful accessories. Emerging designer with JamFactory, Dean Toepfer, puts it well: “It’s inevitable that you’re influenced by what’s out there, but at the end of the day you want to do your own thing.” Art is all about surrounding yourself with images, colours and textures that you love, so, while taking inspiration from what’s in, remember to choose what feels right for you.

Fleur’s company Stem & Stamen create stunning organic features!


Luna Lana lights by Stephanie NG Design – aren’t they lovely?

Birds and a puddle

Choose art that’s as unique as you are! The Standout by Rebecca Hill

Art in a room
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