The 5 Best Summer Interior Design Trends of 2018

Can you feel the warm air? Summer is coming and it’s time to bring the sun into your home! However, knowing where to start with a fresh look can be tricky.

Luckily, the interior designers at Milray Park have rounded up this summer’s 5 hottest interior design trends, including some expert tips on how to bring them into your own home.

1. Earthy Tones

“You will see a lot of warm, earthy tones like terracotta, rust, tan and tangerine in interior design this summer,” says Milray Park Designer Grace Brooks. “These colours are perfect teamed with yellows and creams for extra depth and layers of tone.”

Artwork by Miranda Lloyd. Earth Tones - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends.

This abstract is in the shades of the season – a combination of terracotta and tangerine. Abstract Reflections of Outback Australia by Miranda Lloyd.

“You can easily introduce some earthy hues into your home with furniture (think velvety upholstered armchairs), on walls with artwork, or with accent décor pieces such as throws, cushions or beautiful textured vases or ornaments.”

Earthy Tones Interior Trend - Milray Park x Bluethumb.

Living room design by Milray Park Designer Grace Brooks.

2. Textures

“Texture is a big thing this season,” says Milray Park Designer Amanda Smythe.

“Furniture has a natural handmade feel, with materials such as rattan and wicker taking centre stage. Whatever the colour palette, mixing textures can instantly create another layer of decoration and interest. We love the use of macramé, and a simple pendant can transform a space, providing an instant touch of on-trend styling at very little expense.”

“And while most of us love white walls, even a strictly colourless palette needs varying shades of white and neutrals with layered textures.”

Add Texture - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends. Milray Park x Bluethumb.

Living room design by Milray Park Designer Amanda Smythe.

3. Tropical Prints

“Tropical print is one of the biggest interior trends this year! It’s still going strong this summer but is more about mixing plenty of bold, energising greens,’ explains Amanda.

Tropical Prints & Original Art - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends

Pandanus by Donna Maloney.

“Rich shades of green look striking against on-trend darker furniture choices as well as charcoal and navy walls.

“Look out for the key elements to create this look in your home. Think large scale leaf prints, oversized insects, safari wildlife or exotic birds and opt for tropical leaf print cushions to add a decorative touch. There’s really no better way to create that summer party mood!”

4. Dark Timber

“Inspired by art deco and retro lines but in a subtler way, this summer marks the return of dark timbers used in furnishings,” says Grace.

“Furniture in dark timber will be perfect teamed with with brass and gold elements. You can also combine them with brighter, bolder colours and soft natural textures to make sure they lift your space and keep it really on-trend this summer.”

Dark Timber - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends.

Dining room design by Milray Park Designer Grace Brooks.

Embrace the deco stylings of dark timber with artworks in hues of black and gold.

5. Greenery

“With increasing news of health benefits, indoor plants are fast becoming the must-have buy for our homes,” continues Amanda.

“Place them in each room, use hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces and add some green goodness to bare corners and coffee/side tables. Team them with some stylish pendants and a textured rug.”

Greenery - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends. Taloumbi Grass Trees by Julie McKenzie.

Taloumbi Grass Trees by Julie McKenzie

Looking for artworks to kickstart your summer interior design? Look no further than our curation inspired by 2018’s summer interior design trends.

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Art Collectors Home - Young Photographer Megan George.
Art Collector’s Home: Bluethumb’s In-House Photographer

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