Forecasted Art Trends of 2024

As we approach the close of another year, we say goodbye to the familiar and welcome a breath of fresh change. Join us in exploring the anticipated trends of 2024. Infuse your living spaces with nature-inspired artworks, and expect a shift away from minimalist aesthetics as vibrant colours and eclectic styles come to the forefront!

Nature-Inspired Artwork

The trend of merging indoor and outdoor spaces will remain a favourite in the coming new year. This trend of integrating natural elements into home interiors reflects a growing desire for a connection with nature and the use of outdoor aspects to enhance indoor living areas.

In 2024, art collectors are expected to gravitate towards nature-inspired artwork, including pieces that evoke the beauty of landscapes, botanicals, or art crafted from natural materials. Notably, there is a growing interest in artworks featuring lush green tones, underlining a collective appreciation for the soothing and revitalising quality of nature-infused aesthetics in contemporary living spaces.

Wendy Moore’s Summer Flower Life on natural linen conveys a deep admiration for the delicate beauty of botanical shapes and organic materials.

Bold Choices & Vibrant Colours

In 2024, interior design is set to break away from the minimalist aesthetic, embracing a shift towards unexpected colour combinations, a fusion of styles, and an overall more vibrant and individualistic approach to home decor. 

Art buyers are expected to gravitate towards unique, statement pieces that inject a burst of vibrancy into their living spaces, steering away from mass-produced prints. Aligning with this trend, the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024 provides a fitting backdrop for this eclectic and playful styling, inspiring a palette that resonates with the upcoming interior design landscape.

Equestrian by Joy Collection adds a pop of colour to this office space.

Amid this colour revolution, the Bluethumb Colour of the Year, titled “Gum Blossom Pink,” complements the anticipated vibrancy in home decor. This distinctive hue aligns with the forecasted trends and offers an exciting opportunity for art buyers to incorporate a touch of contemporary and personalised flair into their living spaces.

Add a playful splash of Gum Blossom Pink to your interior today with Eternal Sunshine by Sarah Park. Available online and in Bluethumb’s Adelaide Art Gallery.

Ethical Art

As sustainability becomes a key interior design consideration, this ethos extends to art buying. Increasingly, collectors are embracing a more sustainable and socially responsible mindset. Transparency is the new buzzword – collectors want to know the backstory of the artwork and seek firsthand glimpses of the artist in their creative process to validate authenticity.

A notable aspect of this conscientious approach to art buying is an emphasis on ensuring ethical sourcing of Indigenous art and supporting Indigenous communities. Recognising the significance of this, many collectors are turning to Indigenous Art Code-certified art sellers like Bluethumb

Kaltukatjara Rockholes by Tjarlirli Artist Rosalind Yibardi is available online and in Bluethumb’s Adelaide Art Gallery.

The Indigenous Art Code assures buyers that the artworks have been ethically and respectfully sourced directly from Indigenous artists and their communities. It also ensures that the purchasing process contributes to preserving and empowering Indigenous cultural heritage. Bluethumb is proud to partner with over 21 remote Indigenous Art Centres. Click here to shop their collection of original Indigenous art today.

Dive into the latest curation, highlighting Art Trends for 2024, and rejuvenate your living space in readiness for the new year.  

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