Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

The Australian art scene consistently brings forth exceptional talents, and at Bluethumb, we’re dedicated to making it effortless for art enthusiasts to discover the latest sensations! Visit the Rising Stars page to explore Bluethumb artists enjoying heightened popularity and sales. Plus, delve into this week’s curation, Rising Stars to Watch in 2024, to uncover artwork by the artists anticipated to shine. Without further ado, here are the 10 Rising Stars to Watch in 2024! 

1. Ellie Sutton

Ellie Sutton is a contemporary abstract artist based in the Blue Mountains. Her career as an artist started unexpectedly after she was struck down with a debilitating chronic illness. “My illness, whilst incredibly challenging, has also been an incredible gift, proof of the duality of life, as without it, I never would have found my true calling.” Her work is characterised by lines that seem to come alive with movement. Ellie recently won both the 2023 Bluethumb Art Prize Abstract Category and the Overall Award for her artwork Serpents Coil. 

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Glimmer by Ellie Sutton online today!

2. Cat Leonard

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Cat Leonard’s creative journey began in the late 1980s, selling art while studying at the North Adelaide School of Fine Art. Her paintings explore the relationship between people, animals, and plants. Captivated by the interplay of native and introduced species, she observes their interactions in everyday life, creating impromptu studies. Cat incorporates recycling into her practice, repurposing old frames and recycled materials.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Flowers no 27 by Cat Leonard online and in person at Bluethumb’s Adelaide Gallery.

3. Joanna Wolthuizen

Joanna Wolthuizen is a Melbourne-based contemporary Australian painter known for her bold, post-modern, hard-edged abstractions. She finds immense joy and authenticity in her increasingly raw and authentic practice. For her, the creative process is cathartic and energetically charged, bringing a sense of freedom and excitement for life. Through her art, Joanna aspires to impact people’s lives positively.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Lighthouse (Diptych) by Joanna Wolthuizen online.

4. Shannon Camden

Shannon Camden is an emerging 27-year-old artist based in Brisbane. Operating out of her home studio in Ashgrove, Shannon devotes her days to the creative process. As a self-taught painter, her work is finicky and fun, reflecting her penchant for small-scale works featuring intricate details. Specialising in still life, she paints various subjects, driven by a simple desire to capture things that captivate her with a touch of brightness and fun.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Caramello Koala III by Shannon Camden online.

5. Jacob Sarra

Jacob Sarra, a Goreng Goreng artist from Ipswich, deeply influenced by childhood exposure to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and subsequent exploration of Renaissance art, found a lifelong passion for creativity. Jacob’s art explores life’s journey, diverse pathways, and connections with others. As a parent, he draws constant inspiration from family, creating pieces that stem from personal moments. Each artwork is a snapshot of life, aiming to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop At The Beach by Jacob Sarra online.

6. Anna Speirs

Originally from Russia, Anna Speirs trained at the Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry before relocating to Australia in 2016. Nowadays, the Perth-based artist explores various mediums and styles, namely figures, portraiture, and still life. Her artworks delicately capture the vulnerability and beauty of her subjects, whether it be a flower or a self-portrait. Through the interplay of light and shadow, Anna’s creations offer solace. 

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Yellow Lillies by Anna Speirs online and in person at Bluethumb’s Adelaide Gallery.

7. Lucinda Leveille

Lucinda Leveille’s love for art led her to attend the National Art School at age 15. As a young adult, destructive criticism shattered her confidence; following this, she refused to pick up a brush for over a decade. But, like many artists, her passion couldn’t be suppressed forever. Her resilience and ability to capture solitary moments using vibrant colours indicate a profound talent, connection and passion.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Empty Fields Of Gold by Lucinda Leveille online.

8. Ivvy Derman 

Ivvy Derman, an emerging artist in Melbourne, Australia, transitioned from a career in digital advertising to finding her true calling in the world of fine arts. She has nearly seven years of painting experience and specialises in bold, colourful, and nostalgic still-life compositions. Ivvy often draws inspiration from everyday objects, which she expresses through a vibrant and magnified palette of bright colours.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Papaya and Limes by Ivvy Derman online and in Bluethumb’s Melbourne Gallery.

9. Presten Warren

Presten Warren, a 24-year-old Indigenous artist from Port Lincoln, South Australia, proudly identifies as a Wirangu/Dieri/Kokatha/Mirning man with roots in Port Augusta and childhood in Ceduna. Presten sees art as a sacred form of storytelling that transcends aesthetics. Influenced by his mother and grandmother, who taught him everything about art, Presten is grateful to keep this important tradition alive within his family and hopes to pass it on to future generations. 

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop Desert Radiance by Presten Warren online.

10. Cheryl Heap

Cheryl Heap, an artist based in Sydney, channels her passion for art into vibrant and expressive creations. With a foundation in architecture and interior design, Cheryl brings a unique perspective to her work, displaying a love for abstract forms, textures, and bold lines. Her artistic vision is guided by a desire to infuse joy into her paintings, drawing inspiration from her travels and the beauty found in the simplicity of everyday life.

Rising Stars to Watch in 2024

Shop “Michael” the Kangaroo by Anna Speirs online.

Immerse yourself in this week’s curation, featuring the Rising Stars to Watch in 2024, and discover unique artworks produced by these promising artists!

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