2014 Bluethumb Year in Review

2014 has been a good year for bluethumb. With a few days off over Christmas, it’s nice to reflect on the year, and plan 2015. Here are a few random observations:

Some cool things that happened 2014. We

  • Grew from to 1000 Australian Artists on bluethumb, with over $3 million of art listed
  • Launched our iPhone app, with over 7000 downloads, which was featured by Apple in iTunes
  • Launched our Android app which looks even better than the iPhone app
  • More than doubled our artists’ 2013 sales, and they’re selling over one piece a day
  • Got more staff! Our talented illustrator Janni joined to help us with better art curation

Some goals (and things to fix) in 2015

  • Improve our website. It sucks currently on mobile, and it needs more features, and we’re working on both
  • Improving our shipping. Shipping art in Australia is hard so we’re working on better integrated shipping system for artists and art collectors
  • Better art curation.  As we grow with more and more artwork, we are focussing on pulling out more curated collections for our art browser’s to explore
  • Grow our art community.  Artists have the best feature suggestions, and when they’ve enjoyed using bluethumb, have brought other artists to us.  So we want to work even closer with our artists to build a better art platform, as their growth is our growt


Since 2012 we’ve had the singular goal of being the place where visual artists turn their craft into a career.  And because we grow by helping our artists’ better exhibit and sell their work, our focus has been on improving their tools to do it. This year we’ll retain that focus, while at the same time start getting more involved in the art community.

To all our lovely artists and art collectors, thanks so much for a great year.

– George
Co-founder, Bluethumb

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