28 Days of Fiverr

You’ve probably heard of Fiverr. In fact, I’ll bet you know someone who paid $5 for a piece of toast art.


Thing is, for a self-funded Aussie art start-up like Bluethumb, Fiverr is a pretty fun way to get fliers, logos, videos – you name it – made for just $5. The world’s largest services marketplace boasts some pretty out-there stuff, but we’re doing an experiment in February to get a new piece of Bluethumb marketing material made each day for just $5 a pop.

It’s called 28 Days of Fiverr, and it starts…today!

Luck Power by Ben Tankard

Lucky cat is excited. (Artwork: detail from Luck Power by Ben Tankard)

We’ll be reviewing each gig and posting it on our 28 Days of Fiverr blog – which, incidentally, is the first Fiverr gig we ordered. That’s right, we got a whole blog made. And we’re getting logos painted on rocks. And stickers designed. And fliers. And a whole lotta stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

Trying new things and getting things done in weird-but-excellent ways comes naturally to us here at Bluethumb. We hope you enjoy our Fiverr adventures and let us know in the comments if you have any great ideas about what else we should get made.

Check back later to see our review of the first Fiverr gig!


28 Days of Fiverr logo
A blog, a truck and a logo: the first 3 days of 28 Days of Fiverr

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