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A blog, a truck and a logo: the first 3 days of 28 Days of Fiverr

So we’re doing 28 Days of Fiverr to see how much fun we can have with $5. At the same time, we’re wondering if it’s possible to get fun, clever promotional props made for just $5 a pop on Fiverr. So far we’ve had wins, and then we’ve had….


28 Days of Fiverr logo

Ta dah! The new 28 Days of Fiverr logo. Yeah, we hate it too.

Let’s take it back a step. Our first Fiverr gig, the new blog, was a roaring success.

And the next one, where we got a paper Citroen model truck made with our logo on it (to print out, put together and give away) was pretty great too.

Paper Citroen truck

We got one of these made with the Bluethumb logo on it. Pretty cool for just $5.

But Day Three’s result, where we had a logo for 28 Days of Fiverr made for $5, was – how can I put it – unrefined. Not quite worthy of the beautiful art we have on Bluethumb, and certainly not a lovely as our Bluethumb logo, which we had re-designed last year. But still, true to our word we are going ahead and using it on the 28 Days of Fiverr blog. And we felt a little better when we heard that BP reportedly paid $211 million for their logo design.

Check out the full story over at the 28 Days of Fiverr blog.

Bluethumb in cookie dough
One logo, three different ways: 28 Days of Fiverr days 4-6

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