Bluethumb app featured in today’s Advertiser

We’re pretty excited to be featured in today’s edition of The Advertiser, as Business Editor Alexandra Economou reports on the recent launch of the Bluethumb app. Check out the article, “Australian art just a click away”.

Bluethumb’s owners Edward and George were pleased to show off the artwork of Alexandra Palombi and Loui Jover, as George talked about the app:

Mr Hartley said its newly launched iPhone app was the natural next step as more people used their smartphones to surf the internet.

“Art is one of those markets that seems to have been a little bit behind what other creative industries are doing online,” he said.

“There is so much art out there and only a tiny fraction of that ends up in a gallery.”

And Bluethumb’s plans for the future:

Looking ahead, Bluethumb planned to create an app suitable for android phones and introduce international shipping.

“We want to champion new artists, as well as give collectors access to the most popular artists,” he said.

Read the full article here. And download the Bluethumb app here.


Bluethumb app featured on Apple app store

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