Fun can be Functional and Help Save Lives

For our Created With Care initiative with Handkrafted, artist Stephanie Harris collaborated with furniture makers Luke Atkins and Veronica Paiva to give the world Humptie Stumpties. All the proceeds from these stalls will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders.

Timber Stump StoolsStump Stools by Stephanie, Luke and Veronica

A mixture of seemingly simple design and utility with vibrant colour, these stools prove that fun can be functional. “We just want to make people happy and distract them from the more serious aspects of life,” says Luke when talking about his collaboration with Steph.

Luke’s input is in the modern yet natural looking shape of the stools. “His product kind of influenced my contribution to it,” says Steph.

Luke Atkins at his studioLuke Atkins at Christopher Blank workspace

What makes it distinctly characteristic of Steph’s artwork is the abstract pattern and use of bright energetic colours, taking inspiration from nature. “Something can be beautiful in nature when they are not necessarily perfect,” explains Steph.

Stephanie PaintingStephanie Harris painting at her studio at Saint Lucia – Windsor

Luke, Veronica and Steph established a great working rapport right from the start. “We were totally honest in our feedback which is the perfect way of working for us,” says Luke.

Steph feels it was interesting to collaborate with people who were very methodic in their craft. This inspired her even though her style is quite the opposite. “Luke has the formula, he has the plan of construction, whereas I work with feeling-as-you-go,” admits Steph.

Stephanie's StudioStephanie Harris’s workspace

Challenges are part of the equation in any project; Luke used Osmo Hardwax Oil on the timber stools which is water-repellent. “I’ve had to triple layer the watercolours to be able to maintain the paint on the wood,” says Steph. Working the timber back from its original form also took longer than they originally expected.

Stool Set PaintingStephanie’s watercolour painting on timber stools

Doctors Without Borders is the world’s leading independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid. Steph has been following their work for a long time and felt this was a perfect opportunity to support them. “We are really lucky that people like that exist on the planet who would go to really tough areas in really tough times and provide the support and resources and care that’s needed,” says Steph.

Doctors Without Borders5_1Doctors Without Borders, professionals on the field

Donations from this auction will help the organisation deliver impartial medical assistance to people in need in more than 60 countries and fuel 400 medical projects operating around the world. “Donations are used based on medical need alone and go to where the need is greatest,” says Annie, a spokesperson from Médecins Sans Frontières, Australia.

Luke and his wife Veronica recently had a baby. Luke feels that we have taken for granted the medical assistance that is available to us in this country.”It seemed only fair to support a charity that provides healthcare to those who need it most,” adds Luke.

Timber Stump SetTimber Stump Stools for Doctors Without Borders

With each behind the scenes story we appreciate more how two vastly unique processes and concepts can merge and evolve into a finished masterpiece. We are proud that we can help aid people in need by doing things that we love.

Bid now on Humpty Stumpties and the other collaborations at Created With Care.

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