Give the gift of LOVE this Christmas.

So it’s that time of year again. Christmas Time! Yeap that means cover your home form head to toe in decorations, cook up a feast that you’ve dreamed about all year, and will dream about all next year. And most of all, spread that love. Christmas is a time to spend with those who you love, and show them that you love them. Traditionally this is done with giving gifts. As the years go by i don’t know know about you but i tend to struggle of unique and exciting things to give to people.

In my previous blogs I’ve talked about starting a contemporary art collection, and how special these collections are. I talk about love, i talk about memories, about supporting local artists, about how art you like makes you feel- wonderful. What a great idea for a christmas gift! Give your loved on art to show them you LOVE them.


Bluethumb has a gift centre in which under different headings lies different types of art which may just be an appropriate piece for your loved one. If you can’t find a piece you think is suitable for that person, why not give them the opportunity to start an art collection. Think of it like you are giving them a journal, a way and a means to start recording how they feel, what they remember, through art and beauty in their home. Bluethumb offers gift vouchers on site. Theres no price limits with these vouchers, the only limit is the gift voucher must be used within a year of purchase. This offers ultimate flexibility. They don’t need to purchase a piece straight away. Wait and see because new art and new artists pop up everyday!

If you decide to purchase a gift voucher, make sure you direct them to our blog to read about collecting contemporary art. This will help point them in the right direction, if they’d like to seriously think about collecting.

Art from bluethumb as a present is unique, original and a one off. It’s a gift with feeling, its hand made, it’s personal, memorable, it’s supporting the local industry. Make sure you get your orders in by December 7th to allow time for shipping! Keep an eye on our Staff Picks, the Gift Centre and weekly mail outs. Santa’s curating like a mad man. 🙂 Happy festive season!


Get lost somewhere beautiful…Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room.

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