Profile of a bestseller – bluethumb artist Sue Bannister

Sue Bannister is one of bluethumb’s best sellers. Her style is bright, bold and original. Sue grew up in Cheltenham, Sydney and studied fine art at Seaforth Tech. Sue’s earliest childhood memory is exploring nature with her father. She enjoyed time in the backyard with him whilst he taught her the names of the stars and constellations. Sue has always been creative so was never bored growing up. She would paint absolutely anything and also enjoyed playing with plaster of paris. When Sue was only 14, she sold her first piece through a gallery. The piece was of two guinea fowls her family owned because she loved their unusual feathers and created it using pastels.


Beautiful Nature by Sue Bannister

Whilst Sue has participated in many exhibitions and still exhibits, she mostly sells online (nearly every week on bluethumb!). For over 10 years Sue owned two small galleries. She found them to be very time consuming so decided to free herself from that responsibility to concentrate on painting.


Shadow Dancing by Sue Bannister

She really loves the artist’s lifestyle and is truly inspired by her home and studio. Her only neighbours are the native birds and wallabies that live in the rainforest surrounding her house. She cherishes the solitude on her 3 acre block, which has views of Kincumba mountain.




Sue finds painting therapeutic. She loves exploring her creativity by stretching the boundaries of colour and light. She appreciates all art but is particularly drawn to abstract work. If Sue was given the opportunity to collaborate with any artist she would choose Australian artist Margaret Olley. She love’s her bright simplistic style. Sue describes her own style as very colourful, semi abstract with a good balance between light and dark. Check out one of her latest creations ‘New Beginning’s 5’ below.


Sue regularly uploads work to bluethumb. Keep an eye on her creations here.

Sydney’s Biennale 2016

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