This Bowl Will Help a Torture Survivor Start Again

There are many instances when power can be used for good. We believe that Art is Power. Our initiative Created With Care combines the artistic talents of artists from Bluethumb and furniture makers from Handkrafted, to create one-of-a-kind creations that are being auctioned online for charities the collaborators care about.

Tegl BowlTegl Bowl by Stephen Ziguras and Anne Ellison

The Tegl Bowl is the masterpiece by painter Anne Ellison and maker Stephen Ziguras. They wanted to combine the vitality and brilliance of Anne’s flower paintings with the more formal geometry of Stephen’s signature bowl. “It was interesting to collaborate artistic skills with someone I have known from 20 years ago, since her university days,” says Stephen.

Foundation House Service ImagesFoundation House, The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture

The charity they nominated is Foundation House in Melbourne;  the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture. They help refugees and asylum seekers who have been through the most awful trauma get back on their feet and start a new life. “I met Paris Aristotle, founder of Foundation House in 1990 while doing social work. I respect him as a leader,” explains Stephen.

Anne with flower paintingAnne from Bluethumb with her lilies painting

Anne’s subject for her painting is water lilies, reminiscent of Monet’s garden. “My aim was to use rich and bright colours to evoke the fullness of life in the world we live in,” says Anne. Anne’s works range from small to larger oils on canvas.  She has studied botanical and floral art in Melbourne, expanding her floral repertoire to include much loved favourites; roses, peonies, oriental orchids and lilies and, of course, native flowers.

Stephen Ziguras from Handkrafted in his workshop

Stephen has an interest in mathematics, and particularly in mathematics underlying natural processes. The Tegl bowl is based on diamond shapes with proportions equal to the Golden Ratio. Stephen’s influence comes from the simplicity and harmony of the Arts and Crafts movement and Danish modern furniture; reminiscent of his life in Denmark.

“Artwork can so often tell the story of tragic situations in a way that words cannot”, says Sue, a spokesperson from Foundation House.

The money raised by the Tegl Bowl will go towards The Ian McKenzie Endeavour Grant (IMEG) and the Client Assistance Fund (CAF). Under the IMEG one grant of up to $5,000 is awarded each year. The IMEG is designed to support a client of Foundation House in their chosen field of endeavour like study, business and more. “Preference may be given to clients who are artistically inclined,” says Sue.

Under the CAF, client needs include living costs, transport costs such as public transport and material aid items. “These funds directly support clients who have survived experiences of torture and trauma.”

Anne and Stephen with Tegl BowlAnne and Stephen with finished Tegl Bowl

We asked Stephen and Anne if they thought art has a role to play in evoking a reaction to tragedy. “Art is a powerful medium in highlighting unknown tragedy. Although our collaborated work is not directly related to the refugee experience, we wanted to help in any way we can,” said Stephen.

Anne truly believes in the work done by Foundation House, she says, “I’ve known people who have worked for decades in refugee camps in Hong Kong and Thailand. It is easy to take so much for granted, especially our freedom to travel and the domestic security we have in this country.”

You can bid now on the Tegl Bowl 

Anne and Stephen were truly motivated and even humbled by this experience. They would love to continue to use their talents to help the world in any way they can. “We’ve got enormous respect for the Foundation House, love the work that they do, and hope that they keep that going.”

Fingers crossed we get some generous bidders so Stephen and Anne’s bowl really makes a difference.

Bid now on the Tegl Bowl and the other collaborations now at Created With Care.

Why Buy Art When You Can Win?

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