Why Buy Art When You Can Win?

At bluethumb we’re big believers in buying original Australian art. It’s been proven to make you more productive and happy, gives you that warm feeling that you’re supporting an artist make a living and let’s face it, shopping for a new painting is fun! However, there is one thing that’s even better and that’s letting us pay for your new artwork…

We often run competitions and the best way to find out about art giveaways is by following us on Facebook and Instagram or signing up to our newsletter. We recently teamed up with the LifeStyle Channel to give away this beautiful original painting, Eden, by the exceptional Melbourne artist Clair Bremner.

Yesterday we met with the winner Erin to present the painting. Erin says she loves the colours and has the perfect place for it in her new home that she’s recently moved into.


Bluethumb’s Freddy presents Erin with her prize.

So stay in the know and next time enter because art lovers like you really win these prize.

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3D artwork will support 3 artists with intellectual disability for a year

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