What is Modern Art?

Modern art is a kaleidoscope of creative expression that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of artistic movements, from Impressionism to Cubism, Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism. Modern art breaks away from traditional styles, challenging conventional norms and embracing a fresh, experimental approach.

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1. Impressionism: Painting the Moment

Imagine capturing a fleeting moment, a play of light, or the essence of a scene in quick, expressive brushstrokes. That’s the essence of Impressionism! Think of Monet’s dreamy water lilies or Renoir’s vibrant garden scenes. These artists sought to convey the feeling of a scene rather than its precise details.

Impressionism Modern Art

Spring Story by Fangmin Wu. Click the above image to shop Fangmin’s original Impressionist artwork online.

2. Cubism: The Art of Deconstruction

Ever seen Picasso’s fragmented faces or Braque’s dissected still lifes? That’s Cubism in action! This movement takes reality and fractures it into geometric shapes, challenging our perception and inviting us to see the world in a new, abstract way.

Cubism Modern Art

Cubist Girl With Palette by Mary Shackman. Click the image to shop Mary’s original Cubism artwork online.

3. Surrealism: Dreams on Canvas

Surrealist art dives into the depths of the unconscious mind, giving life to bizarre and fantastical creations. Think Salvador Dalí’s melting clocks or René Magritte’s floating bowler hats. Surrealists aim to blur the lines between reality and dreams, sparking our imagination in the process.

Surrealism Modern Art

Attempt To Concentrate by Samira Khadivizand. Click the image to shop Samira’s original Surrealist artwork online.

4. Abstract Expressionism: Emotion on Canvas

Jackson Pollock’s splattered canvases and Mark Rothko’s luminous colour fields are iconic examples of Abstract Expressionism. This movement is all about conveying raw emotions and inner thoughts through bold, non-representational forms. It’s art that speaks directly to the soul.

Abstract Expressionism Modern Art

Everlasting by Cheryl Harrison. Click the image to shop Cheryl’s original Abstract artwork online.

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