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Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

This artwork comes with an external frame

[Framed in natural raw tasmanian oak - additional approx 1cm to the dimensions on all sides]

You know those moments that happen so fast, you missed it happening and have no idea what happened? One minute you’re standing there, unsure of what is happening. Unsure of how to move forward.

And the next thing you know, the painting is finished!

Like trying to follow the thread of a conversation, you have no idea how you got to this topic but all you know is this:
You feel connected. You know that this moment, whether it’s the actual conversation or just this energy and awareness — this will be a memory you look back on fondly

This painting feels like that family gathering, maybe for Christmas, maybe for a birthday. Where everyone is talking over everyone & yet everyone feels peaceful and connected.

You won’t remember the actual conversations, but the memories formed during those conversations are what ties you to your family through time and space.

>> From my LIKE FAMILY November 2018 collection. <<

My grandmother finally went home earlier this year - and I saw anew the legacy of Matriarchs as I watched my mother mourn her mother. And I could see the future of my daughters mourning me.

In order to navigate the chaos of emotions amongst the logistics of flying overseas & leaving behind my breastfed baby — I saw anew the anchors my motherhood was from a personal perspective as I left my two girls behind to attend the funeral.

These ideas of chaos & anchors amongst that ‘mess’ is the core theme of all my works.

The mess of colours and marks that I explore with layers of acrylic paint & pen, splattered on the canvas in wild abandon! Plus intuitive movement I like to think of as a dance with the Muse.

Once the chaos has reached a tipping point, the search for anchors begins.

Compositions & the more left-brain side of my Designer past life comes back to dig through the mess. The spiral shape is the visual anchor, serving as both windows through the ‘past’ (underlying layers) as well as compositional and visual anchors.
Just as in life - to find a fulfilled life, one must find the beauty in the mess!

With my experience mourning the Matriarch of my maternal family, I wanted to explore how the motherhood experience reflects these themes alongside concepts of time and legacy, with the duality of beauty and mess. Grief and joy. Chaos and structure

The past, represented by my grandmother, serves as an anchor as we grieve the loss while also joyfully celebrating her legacy.

With my daughters as anchors for the future as they create their stories. And I stand in the present, searching and creating the beauty amongst the chaos.

Simultaneously playing and battling the chaos, while holding & grasping for anchors.

May these paintings serve as inspiration for you to find your anchors & joy in connection with your family -- whether by blood or choices, family are a spiral of focus that helps us see the beauty in the mess!


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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

It comes with an external frame.
Framed dimensions - 63.0(W) x 63.0(H).

Brenda Mangalore

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