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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Many Australian artists like to paint Ned kelly in all kinds of comical and mysterious ways, usually always dressed in his iron armour
I guess because old Ned is such an iconic Australian bushranger..we like to keep his memory alive and flourishing....he was like a robin hood character to many Australians .I noticed that most of the artists depicting Ned Kelly are male artists, so this version is from me, and from a female persepective..I just call it "lost in the bush with the ghost of ned kelly." .and I must say that I was pretty pleased with the end result..enjoy!

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Acrylic paint over a hand stretched canvas recycled from a student artist who had stuck more canvas on top of the already exsisting it has a ridge and double layer on all adds to the good effect of this painting

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

Tags#Ned Kelly, #lost in the bush, #bushranger, #ghost, #red, #pink, #maroon, #brown

All art by Catherine Walker

 This is  an  older work of mine, it's a  hand made stretcher frame and hand stretched canvas
 it's a  mysterious and  beautiful painting  with  a dark and moody feeling about it,
 I have  used symbols to depict the 4 Elements of  Earth,  Air, Fire and  Water
The earth aspect is symbolized by the tree of life covered in lights and the earthy looking pottery
I have used a crackle medium on the vase to  give the impression of a very ancient pot 
the small fish, waves and yacht represent the water aspect
the air is symbolized by whirling things in the wind
and of course for  fire  element I have painted some wild flames 
the colours in this painting are both subtle in some areas and  dark in other areas
Black is the predominant colour 
it has the look of a very old, traditional  , yet  timeless  work of art..
I have used shellac over the whole work to give a  sepia  look in parts 
**This is a large painting,  it is quite captivating and would look
  great on any large wall 
    Enjoy!This painting has a lovely serene feeling about it,  it has the impression of both movement and peace   I used a lot of energy in creating it !
first pouring  Acrylic paint, then splattering  paint with a brush, the trees were mainly painted with a spatula  .I also used a permanent fine liner to give some detail to the trees and surrounds
to me  it gives the feeling of walking up a hillside, the bush is unusual here it is scrubby and slightly surreal, yet the scene is one of peace..  I am exploring and adventuring in my mind as this painting emerged from my Imagination.  

the painting has a lot of splattered paint, and raised painted areas
as you will see in the photos
all of this is part of the paintings character ..ENJOY!
 " The journey of seeds in a  garden " has been created using my minds eye or Imagination
 The  swirls of  orange and  yellow , the many flowers, along with the seeds being blown by the wind  
 are all symbols representing  life and beauty in nature , this painting was a  type of meditation to me, 
 I  took  my time in  layering  the paint   I  was patient  and mindful ...  the result is  a beautiful ,simple ,  
 and surprising  feeling of  wonderment  and energy.... .ENJOY!   I'm enjoying what emerges from my minds eye or Imagination
  as i continue with my garden themed paintings
  it's always lovely to be in a garden with a trellis of roses or other flowers
 it adds another dimension to a garden and to a painting
 A lady dressed in a deep maroon dress wanders her garden thinking
 how blessed she is to enjoy the beautiful peace that  her garden offers
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