Artist Picks: Angela Hawkey

These artworks were all selected because they evoke emotion, say something about the artist and cause me to linger on them. I love the different ways the artists have expressed mood and revealed their quirks. Looking at them makes me drift into the world of the artist that painted them. I feel happier for having looked at them and inspired to become a better artist myself.

Curated by Angela Hawkey

55cm (W) x 57cm (H)

Reproduction Print

63cm (W) x 52cm (H)


90cm (W) x 80cm (H)


91.5cm (W) x 91.5cm (H)

Mixed Media

76cm (W) x 56cm (H)


About the Curator

Angela Hawkey

Art has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to oil painting by my Grandfather, who was an extremely talented landscape artist. From the age of 7 he let me paint alongside him, even taking me on field trips to Numinbah Valley to paint onsite. The artistic genes don't stop there, however. My nana, mother, auntie and sister all paint and create too. I have worked in numerous creative fields such as photography, graphic design, photo editing, ceramics, and makeup artistry to name a few. I always feel most content with a paint brush in my hand, even if it's just to paint a fence. I love the feeling of holding a paintbrush or palette knife and the paint gliding over a surface. It takes me to a place of comfort and happiness. I take a messy, unplanned and free flowing approach to my art. Even when starting with a subject or idea in mind, I freely deviate from the plan. I love the unexpected surprises and naturalness that comes from a relaxed style of painting. For me art is all about colour and texture.

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