November 26, 2018

Artist Picks: Kim Leutwyler

I love to steal from other artists, and I love when they steal from me. If I fall in love with someone’s work I’ll steal a colour palette, the quality of a line or brush stroke, the movement of the composition or perhaps just an idea that the artist’s work gave me. I reference that stolen element somewhere in my painting as an unspoken shout out. Some would call it ‘being inspired by’ another artist’s work, but I like to call it what it is....theft! Here are some amazing Bluethumb artists who I am inspired by/like to steal from, respectfully.

Curated by Kim Leutwyler

200cm (W) x 150cm (H)


91cm (W) x 122cm (H)


20cm (W) x 20cm (H)


30cm (W) x 30cm (H)


About the Curator

Kim Leutwyler

Born in America, Sydney-based Kim Leutwyler migrated to Australia in 2012. She works in a variety of media including painting, installation, ceramics, printmedia and drawing. Kim holds concurrent bachelor degrees in Studio and Art History from Arizona State University, and additionally graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Painting and Drawing degree. Kim’s current work takes its form in paintings dealing with images of beauty, gender and Queer-identity. She has come to focus on painting as a medium because of its primarily masculine history in the western art canon. By entering into the modernist painting field Kim hopes to destabilize gender borders just as LGBTQ artists have been doing since the 70’s and earlier. Her artwork has been exhibited in multiple galleries throughout the United States and Australia. Leutwyler's recent accolades include being selected as a finalist in the Archibald, Sulman and Bluethumb Art Prizes, as well as the Portia Geach Memorial Award. She also won the Midsumma Visual Arts Guide Cover Competition, and her painting was the hero image for the 2016 LGBTQ Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

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