Surprisingly Affordable Artworks

By Grace Wye

About this Curation

The word 'affordable' in the art world touches on a number of areas, and is often misunderstood. It could be the unsung hero that lies within a high-profile artist's portfolio; it might relate to the size of the piece, or, perhaps, artwork that exudes talent from an emerging artist yet to be fully discovered.
With the Affordable Art Fair 2019 just around the corner, this curation explores the realms of affordable - and whether it's a piece by one of our bestselling artists, painters with prestige (or their direct descendants!), is impressive in sheer scale or untapped skill, these artworks won't be sticking around for long.

About the Curator

Hailing from the UK, Grace is Bluethumb's content writer and combines a passion for art and visual creativity with written content. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Linguistics from the University of York, and has over five years experience in the writing industry on various platforms.

50cm (W) x 150cm (H)
Acrylic Paint