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As an artist I look in all directions, I look at tiny & gigantic, I look into colours, details, textures, I look at lights & darks, I look, look, look AND I feel all of those things too. Suburban skies took my attention and the myriads of overhead wiring that 'spider-webs' throughout our burbs (& cities). All the horizontals held by the verticals and a conglomeration of box like things that tangle them together at numerous junction points sending them off into opposite directions. I love it as a subject to draw & paint, but I despise how it dissects our beautiful tree lined streets. Soooo, I decided to look into them as if they could give character to our skies & show a character of their own which you may discover as you see my other 'suburban sky' paintings with overhead wires...go see:)

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Acrylic paint on stretched cotton canvas

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#suburban skies, # moon, # Sunsets, # Electricity, # communication, # power lines, # tree lines, # city, # skies, # tree tops, # Melbourne, # suburbs, # skyline, # posts, # wires, # sky, # Evening, # streets, # pretty

All art by Glenda Pitt

Super white moon in dark blue sky, floating over a yellow setting sun with reddish hazes and reflections in the waters below I am drawn to the magnificant sunsets and some stunning sunrises as well, that this beautiful area frequently showcases.   This radiant pink evening sky with the black silouette of a tall gum tree and others of my neighbours looks striking as a sliver of a white moon rises up high.This colourful blue and yellow sky with pink clouds was so pretty I had to photograph it and paint it out loud with the dark silouettes of my neighbours trees and rooftops. This image taken by Jim Hall on the Antarctic continents ice shelf just as this massive break occurred  and the slab slipped slowly into the waters.  The incredible features like this painting which truly represent the enormity of this 'land' of extremes and its awesome beauty.
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