Jacquelyn Stephens


Polymer Paint & Oil Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


From my recent Exhibition at Brightspace Gallery.
The big. The tiny. The sea. The body. The microscopic.
These are just some of the things I think about and look at when I create paintings. But with this Painting ‘OsteoBlast Bloom’ there is a shift in my usual all over patterning with cell forms and method of working. It does continue with my fascination in the sublime of micro-worlds, biology and exploring the most miniscule fragments of the universe. But it is the beginning of starting to explore on a more personal cellular level.
I like that there is drama and tension created by darks and lights in this painting. It is reminiscent of the X-rays paintings and drawings I used to do at Art School so many moons ago. Now I revisit this drama with a drama of my own. During the preparation for my exhibition (held in May 2018) I had surgery on my spine and continuing issues with my back. I mention this as it produced a shift in my thoughts, mindset and methods and the ensuing artworks. Art reflects life, right!
I started to explore deeper into the cellular level. This was the first painting when I started to look at singular cells, highlighting and enlarging this little organ as a separate entity. And this first one reminded me of X-rays, bones and of course my spine so I just went with the flow, as you will see from the paintings to come.
There is a beautiful ethereal, otherworldly feel to this ongoing series, which I am a sucker for. The aim to create something universal, sublime and beautiful remains and I still wish for the paintings to possess feelings of fragility and tranquillity as I see these things as universally significant to art and our wellbeing.
FYI - Osteoblasts are cells that create the substance of bone, by secretion. Pretty important stuff, and I also like that the word has ‘Blast’ in its name because these shapes kind of Blast across the painting like fireworks or a Supernova.

What I love about the new series is the responses I have had from people. There is still a sense of wonder and joy but the interpretations have shifted. Without a doubt there is a unique stylishness to these new paintings that has the desire to bring fascination and delight for years to come.

This is one does not really have a pair but hangs well next to 'Orbicular Bloom', as can be seen in the last photo. Check out my other listings.

ALL PAINTINGS ARE VARNISHED with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.
The painting is on canvas wrapped around traditional wooden stretcher bars with edges that are a smart 3.5cm deep. The edges are cleaned, staple free and painted a neutral colour to compliment the painting.
Ready to hang with picture wire on back.
Painting is signed and titled verso.

All images remain the copyright property of the artist, Jacquelyn Stephens.
Some interior images created by and courtesy of iartview app.
Please note that Artworks displayed in rooms are for the purpose of illustration only and are not always to exact scale. They are pretty close but be sure to check the dimensions for paintings actual size.
Sold with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' on request.

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'Beautiful! A+++'
'Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful painting. Great communication and packaging A+++'
'Thanks Jacquelyn. Great little painting with a neat story.'
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Jacquelyn Stephens is a Melbourne based artist who has been successfully exhibiting her paintings for over 20 years since completing a BFA in Painting at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. She has gained an extensive knowledge of art materials, techniques and theory from working closely in the arts industries and in her own art practice. Jacquelyn works full time from her studio on the Melbourne fringe. She has had several successful solo and group exhibitions in commercial galleries and artists run spaces. Her paintings can be seen in many media publications and are held in private collections worldwide. Many of the key themes in her work have been informed by her interest in water, nature, science and the domain of medicine.

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