By Julia Trembicki

Sydney, Australia

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Part of a series of work entitled “Let’s Face It”. This series of work fuses primal and naive elements with a present-day tone. The primitive style faces are integrated with over-simplistic images/symbols that represent fragmented thoughts and memories and display how a world of associated information unfolds. In many ways it is a visual narrative and a creatively abstract form of visual mind mapping which comes together to produce a labyrinth of layered images. The abstract faces that take centre stage are merely a mask designed to deflect attention away from the complexities that exist within, just as people often present in life by showing a happy face that may be hiding incredible sadness, or anger that may be hiding paralysing fear. Each painting is designed to ignite the imagination of the viewer, evoke emotions, and remind us of the incredible depth and complexity that lies within people and life itself.


abstract, outsider, contemporary