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Etching on paper

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This hand-coloured etching of a Diamond Firetail is part of my collection of miniature Woodland bird etchings. Limited edition of 10,

Diamond Firetail (Stagonopleura guttata) is a species of finch that is found in eastern Australia from Eyre Peninsla, South Australia through to south-eastern Queensland. Diamond Firetails inhabit euclaypt forests and woodlands but also extend into grasslands. They are named in part for their fiery red rump common to most firetail finches. The bill and eye are also vivid red in adult birds. Just below the throat, it has a thick black band that extends horizontally until it reaches the lower part of the wings which are also black with white spots. The rest of the wings are a slightly tan, light brown colour. Its head and back is light grey and its belly and chin are white.

The birds are often observed in the wild either foraging on the ground for seeds from grasses or shrubs or at watering points such as waterholes and creeklines. They build a nest from woven dry grass, plant fibres and feathers. While the female bird tends to weave the nest the males are often seen encourgaing the female by conspicuously displaying while carrying nesting material.

Etching size 3 x 3 inches - printed on 6 x 6 inch paper.

Signature: pencil signature in the margin below print - lower right
Title: 'Diamond Firetail' pencil in the margin below print - centre
Limited edition: #/10 pencil margin below - lower left

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Etching - Charbonnel Ink on BFK 280gsm paper. BFK is mould produced in France and is made of 100% cotton. This is a hand inked etching, overlaid with watercolour paint.

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