Lyndsey Hatchwell

Sydney, Australia

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Oil paint on stretched canvas.


This artwork is an eye popping fave of mine. Influenced by the 'Fauves', a wonderful group of avante-garde painters who were unconventional in their use of intensely vivid color and free treatment of form. My landscape is expressed in colours that I am very much drawn to. There is a fabulous energy in the brush strokes and vitality in the way the colours pop against each other. It brightens up any space and has lots of delicious impasto textural elements too.
I do have a black simple black frame that fits this work (if you are looking to frame in black) otherwise this work is a stand alone artwork on a stretched canvas and ready to hang - (it also works beautifully with a simple white frame too). If you are interested in the frame contact me and I can send you a pic. The price would be an extra $40 to the total price.


#fauve, #bright, #colourful, #colorful, #landscape, #painting, #acrylic painting, #Green, #red, #yellow, #purple, #ultra violet, #expressive, #textural, #bright colours, #pretty landscape

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