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‘The very essence of life. Without the filling of lungs, the steady rhythmic in and out of air, there is no life. We cannot even speak without breath. Breath is also essential in music, to create vibration and energy for sound waves, and even for instruments that don’t use breath for creating sounds, I promise you it is still foundational to shaping the music. Breathing does not simply exist in the background, steady and slow - it will actually be bound into the fabric of the sound, slow and sighing to support a gentle melody, a quick full inhale just before a vigorous energetic passage, perhaps held at the apex of an inhale during a heart-rending moment before tumbling out a release.
This purposeful control of breath is part of what gives music its soul. As we were breathed into life, so do we breathe our music alive. It is another creative element that makes us human.’

Painted with Acrylic paints on 300gsm watercolour paper, 70x100cm in size. Will need framing under acrylic or glass.
‘Breath’ features a butterscotch caramel and rusty brown, soft pinks, dusky rose, with turquoise, blue and a pop of chartreuse. Full of beautiful lyrical shapes and intriguing perspective.

‘Jazz Lines’ series is an exploration of the soulful nature of jazz. Curvaceous bold lines represent the underlying structured nature of jazz. But like jazz music, the simplest sections can hold the most complex of chords, single notes falling and merging into the next, easing through twists and turns with a sensuous beauty. Bone melting vibrato tugs at heart strings and evokes emotions long locked away, melting together in the layered complexities that is Jazz. These pieces are painted on large art paper, and designed to showcases the strong movement, relying on shape and colour to paint the music. Subtle perspective shifts draw you in as you engage with the works over time.

This artwork needs to be framed behind acrylic or lightweight glass to protect the paper.
If you’d like it to be delivered framed, I’m more than happy to arrange that. This would be an extra cost and can be confirmed upon request of frame type.
You are also most welcome to come view and pick up the work in person, I am in Officer, Victoria.

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Acrylic paint on 300gsm Watercolour Art Paper (70x100cm), unframed

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Unframed (requires framing)

This artwork is unframed and requires framing.

Tags#Abstract, # Geometric Art, # Perspective, # 3 Dimensional, # Works on Paper, # jazz lines series, # music, # jazz, # curvy, # strong lines, # painting music, # butterscotch, # caramel, # rusty brown, # mid century modern, # turquoise, # chartreuse

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