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Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.


This piece is inspired by thoughts around the synergy that is found in unity.

This is the prose I wrote about this piece:

‘Echoes of purpose woven together,
an endless motion onwards
as we are pressed forward each moment.
There is beauty wrapped up in each thread of us,
translucent overlaps causing Light to be gathered close,
then flung forth, a luminous beacon across the breach.
Surely we shine, your light strengthening mine,
a silent triumph of radiant surrender.’

Features brilliant rose gold, plum, burgundy, pinks and blues with a hit of butterscotch yellow and peach. Painted with acrylics on stretched canvas with lots of beautiful shapes.

'Jazz Lines’ series is an exploration of the soulful nature of jazz. Curvaceous bold lines represent the underlying structured nature of jazz. But like jazz music, the simplest sections can hold the most complex of chords, single notes falling and merging into the next, easing through twists and turns with a sensuous beauty. Bone melting vibrato tugs at heart strings and evokes emotions long locked away, melting together in the layered complexities that is Jazz. These pieces are painted on large art paper, and designed to showcases the strong movement, relying on shape and colour to paint the music. Subtle perspective shifts draw you in as you engage with the works over time.

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Acrylic paint on 3.8cm deep stretched canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

Tags#Abstract, #Geometric Art, #Perspective, #3 Dimensional, #jazz lines series, #music, #jazz, #curvy, #strong lines, #painting music, #olive, #orange, #coral, #peach, #plum, #butterscotch, #pinks, #blues, #multi coloured, #statement piece

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