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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

The Point is an amalgamation of summer holidays I had, and summer holidays I wanted. I composed a lot of moments on this canvas to express the feeling of those wonderful days. Using aerial perspective, I’m able to give a sense of the spaces we value so much.
When you view this work, travel back to those energising trips to the beach and holidays in general. I want you to feel the warm breezes lifting up off those beaches as you view this work.
I’m happy with my composition, it’s busy, but it needed to be, because a story like this one needs room. The subject is obvious but there are so many moments of quiet contemplation as your eye follows the activities of all those people. I reviewed and reworked it so many times. I’m very happy with it now, the built up colours are formed using multiple transparent layers, these are most evident when viewed in person. I worked on the cars over a week introducing coloured reflections of the trees in the glass on the cars. I wanted everyone to have a personality, some of you, like me, will need extra lenses to see all the little details. I really hope that I have created a story that everyone can connect with. I’m writing this on RU OK day and it occurs to me that the sweetness of memory sustains us, I think that’s what I paint; places to go and escape.

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acrylic paint, multi layered transparent coats on prepared canvas.

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

Pete Martin

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Daintree waterhole, waterhole,   impressionist,  daintree forest,  acrylic,   Australia,  rainforest,   water,   reflections,   green,   creek,   peace,  ancient forest,  water flowing,  forest canopy,   ray of light,  #stones,  #EmmagenCreek,  #australianoutback,  #shade,  #scenic,  #coolcolour,  #transparentlayers,  #rainforestcreek,   #scrub,  #bush,  #trees outback Australia cattle in dry riverbedOutback western Queensland after the rains, cows looking for food. I created this work as it is in such contrast to the dry reds and greys that normally exist there.  My focus was on the cattle and the water but I really wanted to give a sense of depth; I wanted to create paths for the viewers' eyes.I am really pleased with this landscape delicately rendered, it captures the light and movement of a windy day. Galahs jostle for position next to the highway, waiting for the wheat truck to come by.  Naturally, the work has so many points of interest supporting the main story, you can just about the feel the fresh wind on your face.  The 'Van Goh'- like swirls in the sky capture the sense of movement and continually deliver you to different parts of the painting.  The cool colour palette and multi-layered acrylic paint on smooth prepared canvas would sit well on any wall.  This painting has so many little moments, you will keep finding new things to look at within it for a long time to come.
When you buy a Pete Martin painting, you are afforded the benefit of my 30 + years as an award-winning, professional artist:  my works are resolved, finished works of art.   I am not a hobbyist, this is my job.  I am a full-time artist and completely devoted to creating works of art that will stand the test of time.  It is always within my design that future generations understand my work.
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