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Unframed archival inkjet print, edition 2/10


Vanessa Bertagnole’s recent work is an exploration in painting with pixels and
exploring the liminal spaces between converging digital worlds. Glitch Art or
databending, involves manually tweaking and recoding an image's raw data to create
obscure and unpredictable visual effects. Still images are reconfigured using various
digital media - video, phones, computers and projectors and then materialized in new
photographic form. In a time where we rely on digital technology to deliver accuracy
and consistency, Vanessa enjoys experimenting with the artistic potential found in its
failure. By disrupting the digital code and constant stream of digital imagery pervading
our everyday lives, this image allows for quiet reflection and contemplation on the
convergence of media now commonplace in modern society.

With her work, Vanessa hopes to blur the boundaries of traditional digital image –
making and challenge the role media plays in shaping our perceptions of reality.

Please inquire about other print dimensions and framing options available.


glitch art, glitchscape, Queensland, river, fine art photography, contemporary photography