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Old Processes - Unique cyanotype image, voile cloth.


This work investigates the essential narrative of an individual's life. I seek the inherent characteristic of someone that has weaved its way through their story.

As a person stands on the threshold of death, what footprint do they leave behind for their loved ones. What history do they endow. Their everyday possessions become sacred, infused with memories. These things can invoke some intangible essence of a person.

The beautiful garden June lovingly created over the past 63 years and will soon leave as her legacy, inspired this work.

The rich colour, dense layers and play of light and shadow in each piece embody what it is to stand in her garden.

Using cyanotype with its inherent nostalgia, fabric that evokes movement, samples of her plants and exposing the photos in the light and shadows of her garden creates a three dimensional quality and allows a sense of place.


Cyanotype, Analogue Photography, Landscape, Garden, Memory, Abstract