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By Renata Waterfall

Sydney, Australia, Australia

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The 1st work in the Origins series of painting titled Thy Break Thy People.
This work was a finalist in this years Mosman Art Prize.
This is a European lament, with her back turned, paying homage to a romanticised and displaced heritage, marked by economic migration to Australia in the 70's.
The background is an appropriated dutch master work, conflating the halcyon of European flower painting with symbols of national sovereingnty i.e. dress and traditions of (specifically eastern) Europe of which I'm descended - a romantisised sense of history and place that subtly and sometimes not so subtly informs my contemporaneous art practice (particularly in this series)
This is a celebration of the past, art history and painterliness.


heritage, flowers, traditional, history, folk, adornment, traditional dress, tradition, tulips, macedonia, eastern europe, europe, migration, costume, slavic, slav