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I'm in the mood for painting still life flowers in vases at the moment and I have been keeping a constant supply of native flowers in my studio to paint. Sometimes I can find what I'm looking for at the local florist, but more often than not, I have to do a bit of "community pruning" after dark around my neighbourhood. The striped vase reminds me of a burglar costume. (Possibly because I have a guilty conscience).

This painting features Banksia, Pincushion Protea, King Protea, Leucadendron and gum leaves.


Still life, Vase of natives, australian, stripes, black and white stripes, retro vase, banksia, king protea, gum tree, eucalyptus, leucadendron, pin cushion protea, watercolour, work on paper, earthy tones, vase of flowers, earthy colours