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MacMasters Beach NSW, Australia

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Oil on original 2013 architectural layout of Barangaroo. Framed under 45% non reflective glass.


This is definitely a one-off. I found this original 2013 architectural layout of Barangaroo at Reverse Garbage. As it's now part of Sydney's history, I felt it needed saving. If I'd had a reference image of Barangaroo herself, I would have painted her. As that wasn't an option, I let the board itself guide me. 'Constraints and Views' references the sightlines and discussions, but I've tried to honour the original drawing by constraining her dress lines to the existing lines. Hence, it's still a recognizable area. Board has original architect date. As this is a 5 year old piece of history, it may show signs of its use during its lifetime. This piece is framed with 45% non reflective glass and ready to hang.


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