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Watercolour on paper

Signed on the front.

Still life with bread. Painting bread is a challenge. Almost like painting portraits.
This is a painting of bread I made.
Bread is a basic food in many countries of the world. It is not only a nourishment for the body but also it symbolises a spiritual power.
I just like it as an painting object. It has a similar tonal values to a human flesh.
Painting hands was always important part in his art.

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Watercolour on Saunders 300 grams hot pressed paper. British acid free 100% cotton paper

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Unframed (requires framing)

This artwork is unframed and requires framing.

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All art by Tony Belobrajdic

Painted on 300 grams Saunders 100% cotton paper, Hand made British paper with deckled edges on all four sides, which can be a nice feature for floating frame.
Painted after the photo of a person wearing big fur coat. Acrylic paint on loose linen. Canvas size is 107 x 72cm with about 25mm of unpainted border. 
Based on sketches and compositional watercolour studies exploring the beauty and imperfection of human body. 
This painting has been influenced by Shostakovich's Symphony No.7 in C major, also called Leningrad. Also by music of Miles Davis and Eric Dolphy.
It was finished in few intensive painting days, with  little overpainting and few corrections. Painted mostly in 'alla prima' impressionistic style. 
It can be displayed very simply, pinned on wall, or hanging off rails. If framing is preferred option, float framing would be a good choice. 
It can be, but not necessarily, framed under glass or it can be stretched on a wooden stretcher frame. 
Painting will be rolled posted in a large diameter cardboard tube. 
Artist's inspiration and title came from Henry Miller's novel with the same name in 1930s Paris, when he was an obscure, penniless writer.Acrylic on loose linen. 
Signed on the front. 
" Family Portrait 2" 
Exploring human form is a basis to all my art. Difficult but essential form of art. 
Group of original paintings on canvas as a part of larger series. Loose clear primed linen on front and gesso on the back of painting. 
Framing suggestion shown in gallery.
Artwork will be shipped in a postal tube.Ink on paper
Signed on the front.
Artist's vision of Pandora's Box, when it was opened, was a 'Mess of human flesh being released into the world, fighting for the space, position, supremacy...' 
Created as a continuous series of paintings and drawings. Large formats. 
Schmincke and W&N pigments were used for Watercolour part. Sennelier inks . Small amount of diluted tempera. 
Painted on French Arches 400 grams all cotton paper. Large size 66 x 102 cm.  Hand made paper with deckled edges best for float framing as suggested in gallery.
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