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You’re spoilt for choice on Bluethumb, with a diverse selection of artwork by Australian artists for sale. Not sure what you like? No worries. Continue reading to learn what sets Abstract, Aboriginal, Impressionism, Australiana, and Pop Art styles apart and discover your art style.

1. Abstract

Abstract art shies away from literal representation, emphasising visual elements like shape, colour, line, and form instead. It explores visual relationships and invites subjective interpretations. A breakaway from tradition, it’s a broad category covering diverse styles from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism. Explore our range of Abstract Art by clicking the image below.

2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Indigenous to Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ art is an intricate tapestry of symbols, dots, and patterns, telling stories of spiritual ‘Dreamtime’, ancestry, and the natural world. Often applied to rock, bark, and canvas, its form, utilising ochre-derived pigments, displays a deep connection with the landscape and Indigenous culture. Click the image below to shop traditional Indigenous art from the world’s oldest living culture.

3. Impressionism

Born in 19th-century France, Impressionism captures the sensory effects of a scene. It emphasises fleeting impressions of light and colour, often portraying landscapes and scenes of daily life. Loose brushwork and a vibrant palette marked a departure from the detailed precision of earlier art. Click the image below to discover contemporary works inspired by the Impressionist masters.

Impressionist artworks by Graham Gercken, Fangmin Wu, Maureen Finck, and Liliana Gigovic.

4. Australiana

Celebrating Australia’s unique identity, Australiana art encapsulates Indigenous and non-Indigenous interpretations of its landscape, flora, fauna, and culture. It tells a story of Australia’s heritage and contemporary life, from classic bush scenes to modern cityscapes. What was once kitsch is now cool. Click the image below to shop art that celebrates the themes and quirks of Australian culture.

Australiana-inspired artworks by John Pearson, Max Horst Sokolowski, Pip Phelps, and Charlie Nanos.

5. Pop Art

Pop Art emerged in the 1950s, drawing inspiration from popular and commercial culture. Using bright, bold colours and recognisable imagery from advertising, comics, and mundane objects blurs the boundaries between ‘high art’ and ‘low art’. Click the image below to shop vibrant and stylised interpretations of modern popular culture.

Refine your search for the perfect artwork by going to the ‘All Art’ page and selecting popular styles from the filter menu. For complimentary assistance discovering your art style, contact our friendly team of Art Advisors. 

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