3D Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

Art is constantly evolving. Resources artists have to work with are constantly evolving. Technology is allowing artists to push boundaries and create pieces that stretch beyond anything tried before. Through learning new technologies we learn to think differently, and gain different perspective, for example.. through learning how to use a program which allows you to draw in the third dimension, you learn to think in 3D. You can then apply this to other methods of drawing, like by hand. Whilst hand drawings may not be as sharp as computer generated drawings, they have this real, organic feel, and are more unbelievable because of this.

So let’s apply this to the ancient art form Calligraphy. Turkey based designer and electrical engineer Tolga Girgin is know for her experimentations with 3D  hand drawn calligraphy. Her work is an excellent example of how ancient art evolves. She uses shading, rendered shadows and different perspectives to make the letters she writes, appear to stand off the page.  Her anamorphic illusions are created with nothing but pilot pens, brush pens and pencils on plain paper. Not only does she make the words she write appear to be 3D but she also plays with their meaning. For example the word ‘cut’ (below) appears to be slashed in two..right through the middle. Check out her trailblazing experiments below 🙂

3d-writing-1 3d-writing-2 3d-writing-5 3d-writing-6tolgagirgin3 tolgagirgin4 tolgagirgin5


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