7 Famous Cats and their Artists.

Cats and Artists (notice that ‘cats’ came first). Artists look to their cats for inspiration, Leonard Di Vinci exclaims ‘the smallest feline is a masterpiece!’. The mewing muses took a godly stance in ancient Egypt, not much as changed since then. Cats have appeared in art over the centuries. They became particularly popular as the cuddly companions of women in paintings by Victorian artists and French Impressionists. Now they own the internet. Everyone knows it (sorry dogs). Maybe Artists relate to cats more than we know? After all it has been said.. ‘organising artists is like trying to herd cats’. We have pulled a collection together, one cat and artist combo for everyday of the week (go team!).

Babou &  Dali


Bimbo & Paul Klee


Ai Wei Wei &… 1 of 40 unamed kittehs


Minouche & Coussi & Henri Matisse


Pablo Picasso & Minou


Gustav Klint & Katze


Edward Gorey and many cats


David Bowie & random cat. For good measure. 






Llael Mcdonald Interview – Boring is beautiful

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