Bold, new art for the Modern Home

A new home or freshly renovated home is exciting decorating prospect, it’s an owner’s blank canvas. Modern homes, and modern home renovations can especially benefit from bold, vibrant contemporary art. Sometimes a series of works from the same artist can aesthetically tie a home together, and a large statement piece can add emotion to a blank room.

We’ve pulled out a few bluethumb artists who are making bold new contemporary art that perfectly suit a new home’s interior.

Eliza Liddy
Playful combinations of shape, form and colour, and the manipulation of these elements to create quirky, bright paintings

Eliza_Liddy_streetview-largeEliza Liddy – Streetview

Ben Brennan
Quirky, beautiful, innocent explorations of life’s joys and challenges. Will go as well in a modern living space, as a child’s bedroom.

Ben_Brennan_My_Pantone_Angel-large Ben Brennan – My Pantone Sunshine

Jac Clark
Jac makes bold, colourful pop art. Unashamedly gorgeous young things, with bright blocks of colour.

Jac_Clark_Laura_II-largeJac Clark – Laura II

Ron Brown
Ron’s poppies series has proven incredibly popular, and you can see how it can fit in perfectly with a new modern home. His large poppies make a beautiful statement piece.

Ronald_Brown_POPPIES_IN_BLOOM-largeRon Brown – Poppies in Bloom

Sue Bannister
Abstract colours and forms on restrained pastel pallets that fit beautifully in modern, or newly renovated homes.

sue_bannister_boxes_1Sue Bannister – Boxes 1 

SALA festival: a month of art in Adelaide

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