Introducing Benjamin Eckersley – Bluethumb Artist

Benjamin Eckersley is a 33 year old artist and musician living in Brisbane, and new Bluethumb resident!

A graphic designer by day, Ben is trying to focus more on his art, working in particular on paintings, drawings and ink works. He figured Bluethumb would be a good starting point to get his artworks out there!

His most recent works, shown here on Bluethumb, are a series of faceworks and figures that push the boundaries on predictability! You’ll see what we mean when you check them out.

He lists his current influences as Goya, Fred Cress, Francis Bacon, and includes Rosalie Gasciogne, Kandinsky and Matisse as his all-time heroes.

Ben hopes to be painting full time in five years time, replacing his 9-5 job with a life full of art!






We wish you luck Ben! Check out Ben’s artworks at Ben’s Profile.

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