Miranda Lloyd Interview – surfer girl, entrepreneur & artist

Award winning artist and graphic designer Miranda Lloyd expresses her connection with her natural surroundings through her art. She believes that to be an artist, like anything in life, work hard and it pays off. But as a surfer and lover of nature, she also believes you have to enjoy the moment and embrace what life throws at you.


Miranda with a work from her new series of beach paintings.

A creative career was an obvious path for Miranda. ‘As a child I was always arty and attended art school at a young age. I did extra TAFE courses while in high school.’ However, it is relatively recently in her long creative career that she has made her name as an artist. ‘I have been a graphic designer the past 20 years as my main career. It wasn’t until 6 years ago I got back into the paints and quickly raised my profile and now run my own business both as a visual artist and graphic designer and have had great success along the way.’


Miranda’s love of travel, food and wine are big influences on her work.

Being widely travelled and living in one of Australia’s most beautiful wine regions is reflected heavily in Miranda’s work. ‘My inspiration comes from nature, which is my favourite subject. I live in the Adelaide Hills so I am surrounded by so many inspiring things and spend a lot of time on our beaches. I travelled Australia and have lived in most of our states so my travelling experiences do influence my artworks. I simply get inspired just by seeing natures beauty whether I am bush walking or swimming in the ocean. I also have a passion for food and wine which is my other favourite subject.’

Although she says other artists do not directly influence her work, she does have a few favourites. ‘I was right into surrealism through high school. My favourite artist back then was Salvador Dalí and his paintings Apparition of Face, Fruit Dish on a Beach and The Persistence of Memory. Also Van Gogh’s Starry Night. As for Australian Artists I love both Ken Done and Pro Hart as both capture Australia in different and fun ways.’  Her favourite Australian artist at the moment is a lot newer to the scene and definitely one to watch. ‘I am really enjoying Amanda Krantz – a young Melbourne Contemporary artist. I love the intense colours and forms in her artworks. I am drawn to modern art and colours.’

small_shadow_gloss_sister rocks port elliot

Miranda’s Surf Life Saving SA commissioned piece of Sister Rocks, Port Elliot.

Like Done and Hart, recently Miranda too has been capturing iconic Australian scenes in ‘different and fun ways’. ‘The beach paintings are really popular at the moment. I’m about to paint more which will soon be available on bluethumb.’ Another beach inspired painting we love is Calm. ‘Being a past surfer (and now back into it) I feel that being in the ocean is a place of calm and tranquility. This painting reflects this and I want to bring that feeling of calm into ones home through a painting. I build up heavy textures to create a 3D feel using acrylics and varnish.’

In a relatively short space of time Miranda has become a successful artist in her own right whilst her business continues to go from strength to strength. ‘These days most of my artworks are commissioned due to demand. I also get larger orders to fill board rooms and the latest was a commissioned piece by Surf Life Saving SA, which is being used for their marketing materials including merchandise, clothing and reproduced prints.’ As if big commissions weren’t enough, her business has recently won a finalist award at Brand South Australia’s Regional Business Awards 2014 for Outstanding Achievements and Significant Contributions Demonstrating Excellence in South Australia. In spite of being in high demand and her business commitments, she still finds time to follow her passion. ‘I also just paint what I like and these are displayed throughout the year at the many solo exhibitions that I do.’

inglewood inn exhibition

Miranda at her Inglewood Inn exhibition with owners Milly and Peter Howell.

So is there a formula to Miranda’s success? ‘Like anything in life, work hard, stick at it and it all pays off. But at the same time enjoy the moment and embrace the opportunities that come your way. I find art opens many doors and it’s not just selling a painting. A painting can turn into a wine label, a front cover for a magazine, album covers, books, merchandise and reproduced prints. Being an artist is an amazing gift as you are creating something positive for others to enjoy, especially in today’s world where we hear a lot of sad and scary news.’

Miranda’s art is available to buy online here.


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