News roundup – everybody’s talking about Australia’s best online art gallery

We’ve had a busy week at bluethumb doing what we do best: giving amazing Australian artists the exposure they need. After all, there’s no use having the best established and emerging artists in Australia selling art on our site and app if we don’t shout it to the world! Beneath is a roundup of the great press we’ve received this week.

Pamela Irving interview on The Interiors Addict

The Interiors Addict is one of Australia’s biggest interior design sites run by entrepreneur Jen Bishop, the original interiors addict. This site gets 100,000 hits a month so is awesome exposure for our artists. We had a guest post interviewing the legendary Melbourne based artist, Pamela Irving, who’s now selling her art on bluethumb.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.12.43 am

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Australia’s best emerging Street Art talent on Elements at Home

Another of our favourite interiors bloggers, Kristie Castagna, is a lover of Street Art. She’s even just decorated her sons bedroom with a graffiti mural. Knowing this we approached her with some of the best emerging Street inspired artists on bluethumb and she jumped at the chance to feature their amazing work on her blog. Watch out next month for some more bluethumb talent on Elements at Home.

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Featured email on Sendicate

Sendicate is a smart email app that allows you to send beautiful emails. We’ve been using them since August for our newsletters and have designed our own template that reflects our style. This week they chose us as their featured email due to our template’s clean, minimal design that allows our artworks to shine and its dynamic layout (it adjusts to whatever screen your reading it on). Thanks Sendicate!

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Featured startup on Techavenge

Techavenge keeps the world up to date on startups, crowdfunding projects and new tech products. This week they featured us because we are Australia’s fastest growing online art platform.

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Benjamin Tankard Interview, the modern surrealist.

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