'Melbourne Was In Their Hearts' By Gillie And Marc

Power Couple Gillie and Marc Collaborate With Bluethumb

Australian artists Gillie and Marc Schattner are a well known duo across the globe and lately they have been taking the world by storm with their dedication towards wildlife and preserving endangered animals. Their artworks are eye catching and are carried with the intention to reunite the world with openness, unity, understanding, and love.

If you haven’t heard of this power couple then let me quickly introduce you. Gillie and Marc met 30 years ago and it was love at first sight. They instantly fell in love and got married just 7 days after meeting each other. Ever since then they’ve used their passion for endangered animal conservation and creating art, to spread their messages across the globe. 

You can read a more in depth interview on their journey and love here. 

Gillie and Marc’s most well known artworks have been their ‘Rabbitwoman and Dogman’ series which are an autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together and setting out on adventures together. These have been created using a printing process called woodcuts, where carved wooden panels are painted to create dimensional pop art that fly off the wall.

Limited Edition Run of Original Woodcuts – Exclusive to Bluethumb

Don’t miss the chance to take home 1 of 10 original woodcuts exclusive to Bluethumb:


Gillie and Marc have been selling their unique art with Bluethumb since 2014 and are a part of our Collectable Artists. Their art is loved by collectors across the world, and their long standing relationship with Bluethumb has only been strengthened by this new and exciting collaboration.

This collection is exclusive to Bluethumb, making us the only gallery available in the world to purchase these limited edition pieces. This collection will include 10 original designs, where Rabbitwoman and Dogman travel the world together, making stops at some of Australia’s biggest landmarks. These pieces pay homage to Marc’s upbringing in Melbourne, before he trekked across the globe with Gillie.

This selection of limited edition Woodcuts are available for purchase here, but snap them up quickly because this exclusive run is only available through Bluethumb and there is only one of each piece available.

Gillie and Marc have also provided another option, with a run of limited edition prints of these woodcuts. These are the perfect solution if you missed out on the original woodcuts, or if you were after a more affordable option. There are 10 prints to choose from, with 10 of each print available for purchase here.

They Saw The Light Together by Gillie and Marc

‘They Saw The Light Together’ by Gillie and Marc.

What’s Next For Gillie and Marc?

When asked what’s next Gillie and Marc mentioned “we are dedicating 2022 to the year of wildlife. We have many more major projects in the pipeline, all working towards protecting wildlife.”

Gillie and Marc are also known for their monumental public sculptures that have been seen across the globe, and possibly in your very own public spaces. This art form allows them to share their messages, encouraging people to take a moment and interact.

We create massive sculptures that are hard to ignore,” Gillie explains. Marc adds “By bringing these animals out of the wild and onto the streets, we’re giving the public a chance to interact in a way they would never have had.”

More recently, they’ve been focussed on their new series ‘Wild About Babies‘, which happens to be placed right here in Melbourne. Gillie said she is “always excited to make art for the Aussie streets. With it being an honour to be able to add to the already vibrant streets.” This public exhibit is available for viewing until November 27th. 

Another ambitious project is in the works, with the largest sculpture in the world being their goal. This sculpture will be set in Singapore, but will also be spread across many countries. Marc has secretly hinted that Melbourne’s very own Melbourne Zoo may be one place to keep an eye out.

wild about babies by gillie and marc

‘Wild About Babies’ by Gillie and Marc.

Alongside this motivating project AND their special collaboration with us, Gillie and Marc have also landed back in Australia to work on their next task and in their new gallery. “It’s called The Factory, inspired by the great Factory of Andy Warhol. Once a gorgeous old toy factory in Botany,” Gillie remarked.

They have assured us that this new space will constantly be rotating through new work, while also allowing viewers to have a sneak peak at them working on any current projects. Gillie and Marc welcome anyone and everyone to visit their new gallery, and you might even get to see them in the zone.

If you want to see more power couple artists we have crafted a curation here.

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