Give Personalised Art to Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

Following the success of 2018’s campaign, this Valentine’s Day we’re teaming up with internationally celebrated Bluethumb artist Ashvin Harrison to create a special, truly unique artwork: a customised limited edition print of the iconic Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, entitled ‘Love Potion‘.

Valentine print

Personalised written text and Ashvin’s customary embellishments adorn this special Valentine’s print; here is a perfect example.

With it being Valentine’s, there are only 14 of these prints available, and come at a special price of only $140 a print, exclusively on Bluethumb. All proceeds go directly to our chosen charity, The Big Issue, as we’re donating our commission and Ashvin has donated his time and creativity, which is why we can offer these personalised prints at such an accessible price.

As a world-renowned organisation that’s dedicated to supporting homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised people, The Big Issue provides support, work opportunities and gives a voice to those most in need. How better to spread the love on the most affectionate day of the year?


Bluethumb artist Ashvin Harrison is our own answer to Cupid this Valentine’s Day.

“I was excited when Bluethumb asked me to create artworks for Valentine’s Day. A day focused on love, passion and happiness links well to my daily artistic expression,” explains Ashvin. “I chose to create a perfume bottle as this allows for a personalised message on each edition and personal splashes of colour. I feel the bottle is also a symbol of the beautiful fragile life we aim to enjoy before it’s emptied at each magical moment.”


Your message here: The message on the bottle will be hand finished, so can be 100% what you want it to say. What’s more, you can colour the love potion as you desire!

Make this limited edition print yours with a message and colour of your choice in Ashvin’s signature style, both of which are finished by hand. Best hurry – last year’s Valentine’s collaboration sold out within a couple of days. And to top it off, with all the profits going to the Big Issue, this artwork looks and does good!


Ashvin adds the finishing touch to every unique, personalised print in our Valentine’s Day campaign

Browse Ashvin’s portfolio and shop for your print here.

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  1. Give Personalised Art to Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day… by Ashvin Harrison, a special, truly unique artwork: a customised limited edition print of the iconic Chanel No.5 perfume bottle, entitled ‘Love Potion‘. (Shipping Internation says:

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