Introducing Brisbane Affordable Art Fair Exhibiting Artists

Preparations are well underway for the upcoming Brisbane Affordable Art Fair. As the excitement builds, we turn the spotlight to this year’s exhibiting artists! Keep reading to discover the six talented Queensland-based artists that will be on display. Plus, shop Brisbane’s Affordable Art Fair: Artist Spotlight curation.

Jacob Sarra

Jacob Sarra is a proud Goreng Goreng artist from Ipswich. He found a lifelong passion for creativity as a child when the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles unlocked a subsequent exploration of Renaissance art. 

Explore Jacob’s portfolio of contemporary Indigenous art online today!

Today, Jacob’s contemporary Indigenous artworks explore life’s journey, diverse pathways, and connections with others and the land. As a parent, he draws constant inspiration from his family, creating pieces that stem from personal moments. Each one of his original artworks is a snapshot of life, full of symbolism that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. 

Mother Earth by Jacob Sarra.

Wendy Moore

Brisbane-based contemporary artist Wendy Moore specialises in creating bold, large-scale abstract artworks that radiate a deep affection for life and vibrant hues. 

Floral Orange 2 by Wendy Moore. Shop Wendy’s portfolio of large-scale statement art online today!

Having won the 2023 Bluethumb Art Prize Founders’ Award, Wendy is a highly collectable artist. Drawing inspiration from her travels around Australia and growing up in Blackall, a rural town in central Queensland, Wendy’s pieces demand attention. They are the perfect artwork for collectors seeking a statement piece that will add vibrancy to their space.

Meredith Howse

Since joining Bluethumb in mid-2017, Meredith Howse has steadily yet firmly established herself as an award-winning landscape artist in Australia’s ever-changing art scene. A deep-seated instinct to paint as a child exploring the coastal towns of New South Wales has undoubtedly informed the inspiration and approach Meredith holds towards her practice today.

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While the picturesque Australian landscape and dynamic flow of water are constant themes in Meredith’s artwork, her style varies greatly. “It’s possible the inconsistency is because of the incredible amount of influences around these days,” says Meredith. 

Floral Haven 2 by Meredith Howse.

Shannon Camden

Shannon Camden is a young emerging artist based in Brisbane. Operating out of her home studio in Ashgrove, Shannon devotes her days to the creative process. As a self-taught painter, she describes her work as “finicky and fun”. Her penchant for small-scale works features intricate details and a bright palette. Specialising in still life, she paints various subjects, driven by a simple desire to capture things that captivate her.

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Shannon’s recent candy series has an undeniable nostalgic feel that resonates with collectors. Having enjoyed a sellout show during her debut at last year’s Melbourne Affordable Art Fair, we’re excited to see Shannon exhibit in her hometown.

Snickers II by Shannon Camden is available online and in Bluethumb’s Melbourne-based gallery!

Lucinda Leveille

Lucinda Leveille’s love for art led her to attend the National Art School at age 15. As a young adult, destructive criticism shattered her confidence; following this, she refused to pick up a brush for over a decade. But, like many artists, she couldn’t suppress her passion forever. 

Lucinda’s resilience and ability to capture solitary moments using vibrant colours indicate a profound talent, connection and passion. The balance and composition she achieves with a paintbrush create a scene that envelops you, transporting the viewer to a state of peaceful contemplation.

The Language of Trees by Lucinda Leville. Discover Lucinda’s portfolio of original art online today!

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell’s artwork invites you to enter a world of colour, texture, and detail. Her unique artistic vision stems from her experience with a rare neuro-ophthalmological condition that creates persistent visual disturbances and enhances her perception of patterns.

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Repetition is a crucial element in Jennifer’s artwork. The use of repeated abstract marks and shapes depicts the constant visual noise she experiences on a daily basis, appearing as a fine veil of dancing dots, flashes of light, and kaleidoscopic colour that can never be turned off. Jennifer’s work is a window into her world and a testament to her ability to transform adversity into elegance.

Variegated 21 by Jennifer Bell.

Affordable Art Fair Brisbane is on from May 9th to 12th at the Brisbane Showgrounds Exhibition Building. To shop Bluethumb artists’ work ahead of the fair, view this week’s curation Brisbane’s Affordable Art Fair: Artist Spotlight.

Check out this week’s episode of the Art In My Home podcast to hear more about supporting emerging artists.

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