Video Interview: Artem Bryl

Sydney based artist, Artem Bryl, has been painting all his life. Born in St Petersburg, Russia, he estimates that the first time he picked up a brush was around the age of 3. He studied art in his teenage years, but diversified his education at university with a degree in social sciences. However, he never stopped creating art.

When Artem began painting, he utilised a realistic style and really tried to capture the beauty of his surroundings. Now, he has moved to a more abstract and minimal style. He says he much prefers the freedom of his current style as it allows him “to depart from what you see, go into your own world and discover something you probably didn’t expect to see in yourself”.

Cervantes by Artem Bryl.

Maintaining this freedom has influenced a lot of Artem’s painting decisions. He prefers to work in acrylic paint because “it’s very fluid, has lots of colour and lots of depth.” However, he likes the freedom to “mix different techniques”. He works in oil on occasion and doesn’t like to confine himself to just one medium.

Artem draws his inspiration from many different sources. He has a strong appreciation for the French masters, particularly Monet and it’s also clear to see the influence of modern American artist, Mark Rothko, in his work.

In the future, Artem hopes to spend more time working on his art and to produce larger-scale works. “The more you do it, the more you have bigger ideas, and they just keep growing,” he explains. Other goals for this year include holding an exhibition of his work, since collectors often ask him about seeing the painting in person.

Ambience by Artem Bryl.

Artem’s work emphasises the role of the collector to engage and connect with his work. His intention behind each painting is “not only to transfer what I feel, I want to give [the collector] a choice and freedom to see what they see and feel what they feel.” Therefore, every person who views his art can walk away with their own interpretation of what they see – some see happiness, and others will see anger or sadness. Artem is fascinated with the psychology behind this experience. “Whatever it is they are going through, they will see it in the art.”


Alpine Blanc by Artem Bryl.

It’s not just collectors that Artem seeks to inspire. His advice to other artists, even those who have yet to discover their passion is “be out there, create and be free”. Whether you are young or old, experienced or have never picked up a pencil, it’s never too late to pursue your creative dreams. His advice to future artists is to “give your talent an opportunity to come out”.

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