What Makes an Artist: Clair Bremner

Since Clair Bremner was a child, she has always aspired to be an artist. Growing up in a creative environment, she was encouraged to experiment with different mediums and explore alternative techniques. Though like most childhood dreams, life got in the way.

“I got married and had a couple of kids and I ended up working as a photographer for about 7 years,” explains Clair. “In 2010 I had my third child, and I also got divorced, which turned everything upside down.”

nature, large, floral, trees, abstract, landscape, blue, blush, Greenery, pretty, Clair BremnerI Awake by Clair Bremner

During this time of change she unleashed her creativity, giving up her lens for the paint brush. “I lost my passion for photography, took some time out and found myself drawn back into painting.”

The mother of three now resides in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, a bountiful bush land region on the outskirts of Melbourne, which constantly influences her art. “I have always been inspired by nature. I love landscapes, flowers, grass, hills, trees, everything. I think the shapes and patterns found in nature are timeless and beautiful.”

Bush, forest, trees, river, water, nature, landscape, Clair Bremner, colour, acrylic Tall Trees by Clair Bremner

In 2013, the Australian artist decided to take her passion for creativity full-time. “It took a while to develop my current style and it’s a process that you can’t rush. For a long time I tried a lot of different things, and I found it difficult to focus on one style. You need to try a bit of everything before you find your own voice.”

clair bremner, art, artwork, abstract, colour, acrylic, australian, artist, contemporaryClair with her recent artworks

Today, Clair creates bold, impressionistic and abstract artworks, in hope to serve a direct reflection of her surroundings and the secret garden that exists within her mind; a place she can escape and be lost within.

“The style of paintings I create now feels like me, it is a combination of everything that I have learned over the years and I can see influences in it from all over the place,” says Clair.

yarra valley, Melbourne, calm, Bush, nature, blue, water, pretty, river, trees, landscape, lake, clair bremnerThe In Between Time by Clair Bremner

But it’s the way painting makes her feel that keeps her inspired. “I love the freedom of being able to do what I love, but I think the best thing is watching other people’s reactions to my art.”

Clair begins each artwork with a series of splashes, paint strokes and bleeds. With a colour palette governed by mood, her creations evolve intuitively as she builds each layer of paint.

abstract, nature, floral, pretty, blue, white, work on paper, clair bremner, flowers, leaves, modern, decorativeFloral Study Three by Clair Bremner

“I am inspired by colour, I have never been afraid of using vibrant, bold colour combinations and I love exploring new ways of putting colour together,” Clair explains.

A quick scroll of her Instagram features an array of her colourful artworks alongside her cheeky children, a series of humorous quotes and an impressive talent for handmade loom weaving. The platform showcases the amiable nature of the creative artist.

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So what’s next for Clair? “I prefer to just let things evolve and take up opportunities as they come along. I am always kept busy with commissions and I am represented by a few galleries and retail stores now so I’m always creating new work to be sent all over the place.”

Find more of Clair Bremner’s paintings online here.

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    Asemota Izevbigie (sculptor)

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    My husband and I don’t agree on much but do agree that your work is beautiful.

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