5 Artistic Trends of 2017

Whether you’re fighting a creative block, brainstorming your next project, or just in the mood for an alternative artistic outlet – it might be worth checking out this year’s artistic trends. Be inspired by styles defining the art of 2017 below, each with a carefully selected collection of work by Bluethumb‘s rising art stars.

Trend 1: Organic Greenery

It appears the further we advance into the digital age, the harder we try to sustain an organic lifestyle. With light-filled offices designed to evoke movement and indoor plants taking over cafes in old industrial spaces, it’s all about how we can create an engineered nature and upcycle.

Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, says it all: a hue to evoke the senses, to “take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.” Bring a little life to any space (pun intended) and escape a sterile environment full of gadgets with some organic greenery on your walls.

“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” – Pantone (2017)

Watermelon Fiesta by Arthur Avetisian

Amaryllis by Freya Powell

Amaryllis by Freya Powell

Trend 2: Resin Art

Resin art currently seems to be all the craze. Originating from the mid-1960s, the growing sensation allows artists to act in a notion of fluidity and experimentation, where the possibilities are endless.

With the ability to combine a variety of mediums, the art of resin creates an explosion of colour that almost jumps out at you. Undergone in an unpredictable manner, what starts as a vision and few splashes of paint, ends with a three-dimensional aerial landscape for viewers to be lost in.

Check out our latest resin curation.

Coral Coast by Amelia FarrugiaCoral Coast by Amelia Farrugia

'Shakti' Resin Wall Pendant by Golnar LuzzaShakti Resin Wall Pendant by Golnar Luzza

Trend 3: Blank Space

A technique used in graphic design, the art of blank space allows for a greater emphasis on what’s being presented. Otherwise referred to as ‘negative space’, this style of art screams luxury and sophistication and ties in with 2017’s minimalism trend.

The use of blank space evokes imagination and encourages viewers to essentially, fill in the blank.

Soul Portrait 2015 #11 by Haruyo MoritaSoul Portrait 2015 #11 by Haruyo Morita

Dinosaur Study by Mariya RovenkoDinosaur Study by Mariya Rovenko

Trend 4: Minimal Abstract

Less is more. An act of subconscious creation, minimal abstract encourages a spontaneous, yet controlled style of art. Designed for a sense of purity and simplicity, artists are now creating clean, eye-catching pieces that will add a modern twist to any space.

Orange Spray by Jamie SaxeOrange Spray by Jamie Saxe

Le Sands by Josephine PitsiavasLE SANDS by Josephine Pitsiavas

Trend 5: Geometric Gems

Though it feels like a recent trend, geometric abstraction is actually making a comeback. A style of ancient Greek art as early as 900BC, geometric designs initially took the form of decoration, showcased primarily on ceramic vases, horizontal bands and repetitive figures.

Today we see the patterns re-emerging, taking the form of minimalist tattoos, house decor and of course, artwork. The use of sharp lines and muted colours will give any space that polished edge.

Portal by Susie Monte

The Board Room by Samantha CoxThe Board Room by Samantha Cox

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