Win Christmas this Year with a Truly Unique Gift

What?! That time of year again already? Christmas seems to come around more and more quickly these days! Luckily, we’ve got the perfect gift for each and every loved one, so you won’t spend Christmas Eve fending off strangers in a wild grab for the nearest blender. Remember, get your orders in by 8th of December to ensure they get there on time.

1. Buy them a Christmas Gift Voucher

… Aaand you’re done! Our gift vouchers are an easy fix – not only does your Mum, Stepdad, Brother or friend end up with a beautiful artwork, but they also get to choose it themselves. Gift vouchers are a great option if you know that someone loves art, but you’re not quite sure of their taste. This year, we’ve revamped our vouchers to be extra Christmassy (Grungle’s already got his above).

Art in frame

Sometimes the safest option is just to go with a Gift Voucher.

2. Shop our Gift Centre & Curations

Just in case you hadn’t considered the gift centre as an option for your Christmas shopping, we thought we’d better mention it. The gift centre and curations are the most curated sections of the website, and have been carefully put together by our expert curators.

The gift centre is organised by the people you’re buying for (her, him, kids, etc) and the rooms where the art might end up (the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen). Sometimes gifting an artwork is most effective when you can suggest the perfect spot for it!

Alternatively, our curations are created by art experts according to particular themes or similarities. They come from a variety of featured artists and more hidden gems, and might help you find something that you otherwise would have missed.

christmas dogs

Before they discovered Bluethumb, Grungle and Frankie had no idea what to buy their owners!

3. Use our Filters

Know the person you’re buying for better than you know yourself? Filters help pinpoint artwork that exactly suit their interests and aesthetic taste. Search by category (Abstract, Aboriginal, Landscape, etc…), medium (Drawing, Acrylic, Resin, etc…), size, price point, colour, location, orientation (landscape, portrait or square) and, if you like, select the most popular pieces.

Read this blog post to see how Bluethumb’s PR and communications manager found the perfect piece for his Star Wars-mad brother Edd.


Freddy bought his brother Edd a Star Wars-themed work a couple of years ago, but this one could work too!

4. Make a Wishlist

Sometimes as you’re shopping, you want to bookmark particular pieces that really stand out. No worries! Bluethumb’s ‘favourite’ and ‘follow’ features allow you to save a wishlist of the pieces you think are most suited to the person you’re looking for. Just look for the heart symbol under an artwork, or the ‘Follow’ box under an artist’s profile photo.


Love this piece by Julius Killerby! Onto the wishlist it goes.

5. Ask an Expert

Finally, don’t forget to ask for help! Our expert art curators are on hand and ready to help you create the perfect shortlist of stunning works. We look at the site every single day, so if you can’t find what you’re looking at straight away then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can even make your very own private curation if you’d like to pass one along with a gift voucher.


Bluethumb curators Ashley and Laura are always happy to help collectors find beautiful, interesting art.

artist in front of his paintings
Matthew Broughton’s Bright, Bold Landscapes

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